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Safety Films

Safety Films

The principal construction of the safety film consists of a high-transparent film that is coated with translucent adhesives. The thickness of polyester is adjusted to the necessary level of safety, which can vary in thickness: 1ply (1layer), 2ply (2 layers), 3ply (3 layers).
Safety films were developed for defense against intruders and strong physical impact from outside. Safety films strengthen the glass which greatly reduces the risk of injury by window shattering. It also blocks harmful ultraviolet rays to protect interior furniture from discoloration and to reduce heat transfers to save energy.

  • Intruders usually break through weaker windows. However, if safety film has been applied to a regular window, the window is no longer breakable from a normal impact.
  • Safety film protects interior furniture and electronic appliance discoloration by shielding them from harmful ultraviolet sun rays.
  • Safety film prevents glass from shuttering into pieces, therefore protecting people and property from direct and indirect harm that arises from a collision or an explosion.
  • Safety film prevents the transmittance of infrared rays and helps to maintain a cool temperature during summer and minimize heat loss during winter.
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