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Heat Shielding Film blocks harmful radiation from ultraviolet and infrared rays radiated from the sunlight. It provides ease to the drivers by shielding them from heat and glare caused by infrared rays. It improves performance and fuel efficiency of the air conditioner by blocking piercing heat rays. It has great visible light transmittance which prevents glare effect when coming out of a tunnel and while driving at night. It prevents glass from shuttering in case of a collision or an...


DMT, Di-Methyl Terephthlate, is manufactured using paraxylene and methanol with continuous oxidation / distillation process. Methanol is partially recovered during the polyester chips manufacturing. The plant capacity is 60,000 MTA. DMT will be utilised in the molten state in the polyester plant. Methanol recovered from polymerisation will be recycled to DMT plant. PET Chips are manufactured by using DMT and MEG (Mono Ethylene Glycol), with Methanol as a bi-product. PET chips are...


Architectural films can be used on any glass surfaces of buildings. Be it windows of residential complexes or commercial complexes, Architectural films suit all purposes. Architectural films cater to wide range of customer requirements. Heat rejection, reduction in glare, privacy, safety and good looks, all these requirements can be met using a Architectural film. The range of Architectural films are Reflective Non Reflective High...


Automotive window films can be applied on the glasses of any vehicle . The prime benefit of automotive films is to reduce the heat generated by the rays of the sun falling on the cars. The special feature of auto films is that they reduce heat and cut glare without making any compromise on the driving conditions. They provide additional safety and enhance the privacy of the inhabitants in the car. Various types and colours of the film, boost the aesthetics of the vehicle. Special...
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